Certified Organic
Noni Juice & Powder

Made by Monks

Kauai’s Hindu Monastery

Certified Organic

USDA Approved

Kaua’i Grown

Made in Hawaii


All Natural

No Additives

Just Noni Juice

Best Selling Products

  • Noni Soap--Box of Twelve Bars
    Noni Soap–Box of Twelve Bars
  • Wailua River Noni Juice, two quarts
    Two Quart (32 oz) Bottles
  • Noni Powder Bag (4 oz)
    Noni Powder Bag (4 oz)
  • Wailua River Noni Juice, single quart
    One Quart (32 oz) Bottle
  • 4 Quart bottles of Wailua River Noni Juice
    Four Quart (32 oz) Bottles
  • Wailua River Noni Juice - dozen quarts
    Dozen Quart (32 oz) Bottles

Buy Organic Hawaii-Grown Noni Juice!

Customer Reviews

Great Product, reasonably priced.

I drink this for overall good health. I drink a small amount in the morning and the taste is pleasant. I love that you can buy it in 4 quarts at the same time and the price is reasonable. I look forward to purchasing more of Wailua River Noni Juice.


I highly recommend this product!

The juice is excellent, I immediately noticed benefits to my health. I would wake up with aches in my legs each morning. After using this product, I noticed the aches went away. Mucous was expelled from my body and I was able to breath healthier.

Ms. G

Made with Love and Kindness.

Bottled by Monks on the Hawaiian Isle of Kauai. I have been to the monastery and the spiritual vibration there is very high so the juice is made with love and kindness and is very healing to the body. It’s my favorite Noni juice. It is very clean and pure.


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